North Seattle


The Northern neighborhoods of Seattle provide excellent opportunity for those who like more of a neighborhood feel than the downtown core can provide. Many smaller neighborhoods resemble their own little cities, with close-knit communities of residents and businesses.

North Seattle boasts a variety of attractions, from Ballard’s Hirem Chittenden Locks, to Northgate’s first-in-the-nation mall. In Fremont, you’ll find some large employment centers around Google’s and Tableau’s campuses.

The Northgate Mall provides a great deal of shopping opportunity, while currently undergoing a major transformation. As the first indoor mall built in the United States, Northgate was overdue for an update. Once finished, the convenient location will also include apartments, condos, and a hotel. One of the largest new attractions will be the practice facility for Seattle’s yet-to-be-named new NHL team, including 3 practice rinks and team office facilities. Northgate will also be served by the new Sound Transit Link Light Rail station, opening in 2021. Light rail will serve Northgate to Seatac Airport South of Seattle.

For those who love the outdoors, North Seattle has countless opportunities. Golden Gardens Beach is often considered Seattle’s best beach, sitting right on Puget Sound. In the winter you can watch the boat Parade of Lights from the beach, while in the summer it’s common to see groups having their barbecues, and often you can even catch slackening enthusiasts practicing among the small group of trees near the pavilion facility. For dog lovers, you won’t want to miss either of North Seattle’s two off leash dog parks.

Seattle is renown for the world-class healthcare available, and North Seattle is home to some of the best with the University of Washington Hospital and Northwest Hospital. Northwest Hospital is the site of groundbreaking proton therapy procedures with a facility dedicated exclusively to this treatment. North Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood boasts Seattle Children’s Hospital, one of the leading children’s hospitals in the nation. Patients come from around the country for groundbreaking treatment here.

If you like the small town neighborhood feel, areas such as Crown Hill, Blue Ridge, and North Beach run along Puget Sound, away from the hustle and bustle of the I-5 and Highway 99 corridors. Here, you’ll find spectacular views and many mid-century modern homes. 

On the other side, along the shores of Lake Washington, you can find the cozy neighborhoods of Matthews Beach, Broadmoor, and Wedgwood. These neighborhoods are tucked away in the natural tree-covered Northeast Seattle. Common architecture here includes the famed Northwest Contemporary homes, with plentiful windows often bringing in light and views of the surrounding forest. 

Closer to the Lake Washington Ship Canal is Seattle’s University District, home to the ever-growing University of Washington campus. Surround the campus are the exclusive neighborhoods of Laurelhurst, Windermere, and Magnuson Park. 

North Seattle has plenty of transit options, with regular bus service to downtown Seattle, including multiple Sound Transit Express routes. Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail’s current northernmost station is at the University of Washington campus, with extensions to the University District core and Northgate opening in 2021. King County Metro bus service provides thousands of daily routes from North Seattle to the greater metro area, including the Eastside.

If you’re a food lover, it’s hard to beat North Seattle. Ballard is home to several famous restaurants, including Kona Kitchen's famed Canlis. Both Ballard and Fremont boast several breweries, and you can even catch a 10-person mobile cycle brewery. All across the Northern part of Seattle you’ll have no problem finding your favorite worldly cuisines, from Ramen at Kizuki, to BBQ at The Barbecue Smith, to authentic Hawaiian food at Kona Kitchen. 

North Seattle is a truly hard to beat location!