Buying a Home

So you’ve decided to explore the possibility of buying a home? Are you nervous about what it takes? You’ve come to the right place!

Working with us

When you work with our team to purchase your home, you’re not just getting our extensive experience and knowledge, you’re getting a friend to be by your side. We will be here to support you, guide you, and provide the best advice available. We have all of the resources you need and will put them to work for you. Our driving goal is to reduce your stress while protecting your interests.

It is also important that you have fun! Nearly everyone who works with us how comfortable we make them and how much fun we have in the process. Whether its touring crazy homes, or getting happy hour together after closing - we strive to be friends for life!

Where to start

The first step is to contact us (you can go to our contact page, or chat with Arti below to get started). We take the time to sit down with potential clients to go over what you want and need, and see if its a good fit to work together. We then go over the details of the process using a few different methods so that you can get the info a way that best suits your style. Whether its step-by-step explanations as things happen, written guides, or video tutorials, we’ve got you covered.

Financing Your PUrchase

One step you should be considering at this point (if you’re reading this, you’re ready), is working with a lender to get your financing in order. Unless you’re purchasing with all cash, your financing needs to be lined up before even considering making an offer. For a list of our preferred lenders, see our preferred lender list.