Mill Creek


Built in the mid 70s, Mill Creek was originally a planned community built around a golf course and country club. What started out as a small private community has since developed into a vibrant city of 18,000 residents, multiple shopping plazas, and exciting shopping and dining experiences. The community has built a city where the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest is preserved, neighborhoods flourish, businesses thrive, and recreational opportunities abound.

From the beginning, the centerpiece of the city has been The Mill Creek Country Club, which is the private 18 hole golf course around which the original community was built. All around the golf course are small neighborhood communities, each with their own unique charm and characteristics.

Mill Creek is a physically active community, and contains multiple parks, trails, and recreational facilities. Over 23 miles of trails are scattered throughout the city, the longest being the North Creek Trail which runs from McCollum Park to the southern city limits. Most recently, Arena Sports opened a large complex in the Northern part of Mill Creek complete with indoor inflatables, an arcade game center, bowling, and laser tag.

The commercial and social downtown of Mill Creek is the Mill Creek Town Center, which is a traditional Main Street-style shopping center. Over 80 shops including retail stores, services, boutiques, restaurants, gym and yoga studios, spas, and supermarkets, each with their own distinctive contribution to creating a walkable, livable environment.