Welcome to Edmonds

Idyllic Edmonds offers a wide range of options for residents. Sitting right on Puget Sound, across from the Olympic Mountains, areas such as Olympic View and the “Bowl” of Edmonds boast some of the best views in the Seattle area.

Edmonds is also an unassuming melting pot of cultures, with stores and restaurants featuring food and other items from around the world. Along the Highway 99 corridor you’ll find shopping and retail opportunities for any need. Heading further West, Edmonds becomes a little quieter as you get to the more residential areas. In the main downtown core are several small restaurants and eateries. Toward the water there are even many options to eat while overlooking Puget Sound and watching the ferries come and go.

In Edmonds, you’ll find over 20 parks, covering over 300 acres of public space. One of the more well known parks is Brackett’s Landing, just a few blocks from downtown, on the waterfront. Brackett’s Landing is not just any park, it’s also a marine sanctuary where local divers can be found year-round, exploring the abundant sea life of Puget Sound, including the Giant Pacific Octopus.

If you find yourself commuting, Edmonds can be a paradise of transit options. Snohomish County’s Community Transit connects the fast Swift Line on Highway 99 with the downtown transit center. At the transit center you’ll find connections to the ferry terminal to Kingston, as well as Sound Transit’s Sounder train, which runs rush-hour service from Everett to downtown Seattle, and back.