Lake Forest Park


Lake Forest Park is a hidden gem in the Northwest, largely known as a bedroom community for commuters. It is perfectly situated at the top of Lake Washington, providing easy access to downtown Seattle and the Eastside. For commuters, Sound Transit runs express bus service to Seattle, with a major expansion of rapid lines coming in the future with ST3.

Being off the main highways, Lake Forest Park offers a more serene escape from busy city life. Many neighborhoods have been cut out of the forests and around streams. A quaint town center features grocery shopping, a second hand bookstore, Starbucks, and many other activities.

For those who want to get out onto Lake Washington, the homes in the Sheridan Beach Club area can make use of the private facilities and parks available through the club. Beyond the private club, Lake Forest Park also features public beaches, parks, and a boat launch on the lake. The Civic Club also provides many public spaces to explore.