Everett is a booming city, with a deep history as a blue collar town. Everett boasts the amenities and services of many larger cities. At the heart of Everett’s charm is it’s waterfront area, which is in the middle of a major transformation to add residences and public spaces. Another attraction is Historic North Everett, where many homes from the early 20th century still dominate the area.

Everett is also home to the largest building in the world, at Paine Field where Boeing manufacturers many of its largest commercial airplanes. Over 30,000 employees work for Boeing in Everett, making it the largest employer in Snohomish County by a longshot.

While Paine was historically a military base and manufacturing facility, the most recent developments include the start of commercial airline service in early 2019. Alaska Air and United Airlines will both begin flying several daily flights to many West coast destinations, with connections to the rest of the country and world. With Seattle’s increasing traffic difficulties, the new service at Paine Field could save commuters an hour or more to get to their flights versus going to Seatac Airport.

Another benefit coming to Everett is the final extension of Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail. Once completed, the light rail will connect Everett with downtown Seattle via a 50 minute train ride. Residents of Everett enjoy the marina, with easy access to Jetty Island, a charming downtown area with many shops and restaurants, and several hundred acres of public parks. For those who like to be outside of the hustle and bustle of a downtown, Everett also has many smaller neighborhoods in suburban settings.